Free GRE Prep Workshops

Prospective graduate and business school applicants from around the world who are interested in pursuing a masters degree or doctorate take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Revised General Test. Applications come from varying educational and cultural backgrounds, and the GRE Revised General Test provides schools with a common measure for comparing candidates’ qualifications. Admissions or fellowship panels use GRE scores to supplement undergraduate records, recommendation letters and other qualifications for graduate study.

Students who participate in the GRE workshops at Black Student Achievement show significant improvement in their scores. For students preparing for graduate school, this three-week GRE preparation workshop that explores all three areas for the test (verbal, quantitative and analytical writing) could be helpful. A well trained workshop facilitator will get each participant ready to tackle this all important examination to achieve the score needed for his or her graduate program.

Register online for the GRE Prep Workshops. For more information, visit Black Student Achievement in Student Center East, Suite 300.

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