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What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of supporting a particular cause for a specific desired outcome. An advocate speaks up for someone to help them get their… more »

Hot Wings Hot Topics

Hot Wings Hot Topics

The Washington Post has reported that 750+ individuals have been killed by police officers alone this year. There are protests occurring everywhere; in our streets,… more »

Dear World 2016

Dear World: Live from Georgia State

There’s power in stories. Every culture has its own history of storytelling through dance, painting or words. “Dear World” tells stories through photographs. The organization,… more »

Black Lives Matter
Preventing and Relieving Stress
Black History Month 2016

Black History Month 2016!

Many would describe February 2016 as the best #BlackHistoryMonthever! The steady stream of relevant pop culture moments from Beyonce’s Formation Superbowl performance to Kendrick Lamar’s… more »

Concious Collective

Black Affair: Escape to Enchantment

Conscious Collective (CC), one of eleven organizations supported by Black Student Achievement, seeks to bring creative and conscious thinking people of the world together. Founded… more »

Bone marrow collection

Swab for Asaya

From October 5 to 7, Black Student Alliance (BSA) hosted an event called Swab for Asaya, which was a bone marrow drive for Asaya Bullock,… more »

GRE Prep

The Success of GRE Prep

Black Student Achievement provides free three week Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Preparation Workshops taught by instructors trained by Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organization that… more »

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