Student Organizations

Students who need assistance can receive advisement in the areas of academics, personal, social and career choices. Black Student Achievement advises the following organizations:

Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity, Delta Xi Chapter
Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity, Delta Xi Chapter will be your home away from home and provide you with the inspiration you need to excel. Our Sisterhood will help you explore your strengths and expand your horizons while enabling you to serve your community, learn life lessons not taught in the classroom, grow in leadership positions, enjoy social events and build genuine, life-long friendships.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Zeta Mu Chapter
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Zeta Mu Chapter was the first Black Greek Letter Organization to be chartered on a predominantly white campus in the state of Georgia. This chapter stands firmly by its mission, “to be men of action, balancing and exhibiting the commitment, intelligence, unity within and humility necessary to enhance ourselves and our communities.”

Black Graduate Student Association
The Black Graduate Student Association is dedicated to the enhancement of the graduate experience of African American students and students of African descent at Georgia State University. These efforts include, but are not limited to, facilitating the transition from undergraduate to graduate school, providing academic support, recruiting and providing the opportunity for fellowship, service and activism.

Black Sophomore Society
By providing opportunities through engaging programming, community service and academic empowerment, the Black Sophomore Society is dedicated to advancing all students through their collegiate career in the crucial sophomore year.

Black Student Alliance
Black Student Alliance (BSA) seeks to break the cultural barriers between race and ethnicity in order to connect people of the African diaspora. BSA@GSU isn’t just another student organization; we are a COLLECTIVE. In order to excel to the next level, we need passionate people with the desire to push the boundaries and make people listen.

Building Leaders And Cultivating Knowledge (BLACK)
Building Leaders And Cultivating Knowledge is an organization which exists to uplift the community through service and advocacy. We strive to improve the involvement of students on college campuses, in the local community, and in society. We promote scholarship, service, and unity. BLACK is an all-inclusive organization, accepting of anyone who is committed to the transforming of our community.

Conscious Collective
Conscious Collective provides an urban platform for self-expression through all art forms from spoken word to culinary creations. The organization provides an environment that supports and educates one another and gives members the opportunity to express themselves freely and think critically.

Greatest MINDS Society
The mission of Greatest MINDS Society at Georgia State University is to promote scholarship, excellence, leadership and high achievement among the African American and minority student populations on campus. The mission is accomplished by: 1) promoting mentoring that helps students achieve at the highest level of their ability; 2) organizing seminars, forums and workshops on campus with scholars, authors, community leaders in Atlanta and across the nation, faculty from Georgia State and other colleges and universities, and other guest speakers; 3) encouraging member participation, volunteerism and leadership in activities on campus and in the community; and 4) presenting Georgia State University as a premier research institution at conferences and events at HBCUs, state colleges and universities, national nonprofits, community organizations and federal agencies.

Her Campus GSU
Have you ever dreamed of owning your own magazine? Her Campus GSU is looking for the best writers, journalists, bloggers, public relations gurus, photographers and filmmakers on campus! Her Campus GSU is all about recognizing Georgia State University’s most amazing collegiettes. A collegiette is a college woman who is on top of her game (strategically career minded, distinctly fashionable, socially connected, academically driven and smartly health conscious) and who endeavors to get the most out of her college experience on every level.

Infinite Appeal Modeling Association
Infinite Appeal is for students who are interested in fashion, photography, journalism or visual display. Every year, Infinite Appeal organizes a spring fashion show, giving students the unique chance to model in the show, as well as work behind the scenes with the organization and production of an actual fashion show. Members are also involved with other fashion shows, events and community service on campus and in the downtown Atlanta community. These events offer networking opportunities with professionals from all areas of the fashion industry.

National Black Law Students Association (Pre-Law Division)
The Pre-Law Division (PLD) is the undergraduate component of the National Black Law Students Association (NBSLA). NBSLA-PLD assists minority undergraduate students to make informed decisions about pursuing a legal education and attempts to increase minority law school enrollment by providing valuable information about the application process, life as a law student, the practice of law and the advantages of having a law degree.

Peerless Perfexion
Peerless Perfexion is an elite group of steppers on the campus of Georgia State University. This step team helps male freshmen transition from high school to college by offering mentoring, networking, community service, professional development and brotherhood.

SHE (Sisters Helping Each other)
SHE is a community service based organization created to equip women for future success through service while focusing on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of college women. SHE aims to empower women through dialogue, campus and community involvement and the overall promotion of self-love.

STARS at Georgia State
STARS at Georgia State’s mission is to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and illness in the Black community by empowering people of color to engage in both productive conversations and help-seeking behavior as well as encourage our STARS to be their brightest and most self-actualized persons.

Tighter Grip
Tighter Grip has a mission that is three-fold: provide students with a Tighter Grip in academic studies, interpersonal relationships, career focus and self-identity, via group discussions, team building, and lectures. Secondly, establish brotherhood and business connections across campus organizations, the student body, and the Atlanta community. Third, to undergo a mentoring certification program to effectively engage, encourage, and challenge middle and high school students.