About Us

About Us

Black Student Achievement serves as a liaison among other offices within the Division of Student Affairs and academic departments on topics related to African American students, faculty and staff.

Black Student Achievement provides university wide services and support programming in many areas, such as cultural enrichment, racial awareness, ethnicity, diversity, leadership training and organizational development. To achieve its goals, Black Student Achievement sponsors a number of academic, cultural and social events. Special interest programs address African American and other minority concerns. Black Student Achievement collaborates on many of their programs with other departments within the division in order to meet its goals.

Mission Statement
Promote quality services and programs related to the retention, progression and graduation of African Americans attending Georgia State University by providing resources and advocating for their academic success, degree attainment, co-curricular involvement, cultural heritage and international and educational diversity. The primary focus of Black Student Achievement is to build a culture of care. Black Student Achievement’s goals are to provide access, integrity and inclusion in all of services.

Guiding Principles:

  • Access: Providing opportunities to obtain information and utilize resources.
  • Integrity: Creating purposeful and engaged cultural experiences.
  • Inclusion: Promoting equitable learning environments.

Building a Culture of Care
Academic Support:

  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • GRE preparation

Leadership Development:

  • Group and individual workshops
  • Student organization advising
  • Leadership coaching

Student Services:

  • Advocacy support
  • Computer labs
  • Meeting spaces