Centering Our History

Posted On March 15, 2019
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In 1960, women made up only 39% of undergraduate students (Goldin, et al., 2006). In 2018, Georgia State University had a student population with 60% of students identifying as female. Georgia State University is proud of its diverse student body and works to ensure that everyone’s experience at the university is enjoyable and meaningful. With March designated as Women’s History Month, Black Student Achievement has created events aimed for the centering and celebration of women. Some of the events for March are listed below:

  • 3/7/19: Building Connections: an opportunity for students, who identify as women, to network with various professionals.
  • 3/13/19: Black Women’s Dialogue, featuring a discussion of black women’s representation in the media.
  • 3/28/19: For Us, By Us: A woman’s haircare experience offering an opportunity to connect with Black women and empower each other based on hair types, hairstyles and hair regimens.

Black women can struggle with being part of two minority groups: women and Black people. In college specifically, Black women report their education and social experiences, sense of belonging on campus, and their success within higher education as all affected by their identity. February is Black History Month and last month Black Student Achievement hosted a variety of events geared towards both Black women and Black men. Below are some of the most successful events of the month:

  • 2/5/19: Bridging the Gap: Black Voices 1950-2009 featuring a showing of Black art
  • 2/12/19: Black Women’s Dialogue (monthly event)
  • 2/20/19: Black & Educated Panel consisting of a discussion on #BlackExcellence in education and beyond
  • 2/21/19: Black Men’s Dialogue (monthly event)
  • 2/26/19: Where’s Falcon?: Discussing Black Representation in the World of DC and Marvel
  • 2/27/19: Black People’s Dialogue: a discussion of Black love in different forms

Recognizing how gender is a major part of a person’s identity, Black Student Achievement hosts Black Women’s Dialogue (every second Wednesday) and Black Men’s Dialogue (everything third Thursday). Both programs offer students the opportunity to enter a brave space to discuss intersecting aspects of themselves with their peers. This Women’s History Month make it a goal to reach out to at least one woman you know or even a stranger and let her know you see her, and you appreciate her.

Goldin, Claudia, Lawrence F. Katz, and Ilyana Kuziemko. 2006. “The Homecoming of American College Women: The Reversal of the College Gender Gap.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20 (4): 133-156.