Black Affair: Escape to Enchantment

Posted On December 3, 2015
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Conscious Collective (CC), one of eleven organizations supported by Black Student Achievement, seeks to bring creative and conscious thinking people of the world together. Founded in 1998, CC encourages students to find out who they are, enabling them to better express themselves and broaden their thinking capabilities.

On November 30, 2015, CC hosted a universal love themed event, Black Affair: Escape to Enchantment, creating a safe haven for students of all backgrounds to unwind before their fall semester finals. In an effort to cater to different art forms and a diverse crowd, CC provided an opportunity for talented artists to perform for Georgia State students. Some expressed themselves through dance, song, spoken word and rap to create an absorbing atmosphere.

The program took place in Veteran’s Memorial hall, where the artists performed in a circle formed by rose petals in the middle of the audience, while a live band played throughout the night. The setting allowed students to relax after their first day of classes following Thanksgiving break.

The Black Affair was an intimate environment. The vibe of the room was truly amazing

– Zayreton, founder of Cadence, an a cappella ensemble at Georgia State.

It was as if we were all one

– Rasta Rebelz singer Kimburr.

After the show ended, a junior nursing student at Georgia State, Alex Thompson, asked the president of CC to “please do another one.” If you would like to check out the performances from the show, follow Conscious Collective on YouTube at Conscious Collective.

Coming spring 2016, Conscious Collective will be having their annual show Something Deep. Additionally, they will hold general body meetings, discussion forums and events that will benefit creative and conscious thinking people of all ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.

If you would like to get involved as a member, email Conscious Collective. To stay up to date with spring semester events, visit Conscious Collective’s online presence via OrgSync.