Swab for Asaya

Posted On October 30, 2015
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From October 5 to 7, Black Student Alliance (BSA) hosted an event called Swab for Asaya, which was a bone marrow drive for Asaya Bullock, a three-year-old boy from Brooklyn, N.Y. who suffers from a rare autoimmune disease known as I-PEX syndrome. Black Student Alliance, one of the 11 official organizations under the office of Black Student Achievement, seeks to break the cultural barriers between race and ethnicity in order to connect people of the African Diaspora.

Brionne Tripp, BSA’s community service leader, talked about the importance of this event and why BSA got involved. “Asaya is in need of a bone marrow donor and will most likely find one within his own ethnicity,” Tripp told us. Unfortunately, African Americans only make up seven percent (or nearly 720,000) of the donor registry list while Whites make up 67 percent (or more than 7.1 million) of the donor registry list.

We wanted to be a part of filling in this wide gap to ensure that Asaya gets a match. The goal of Swab for Asaya was to register 150 students (50 students a day) at Georgia State University. We surpassed our goal by registering 187 students! ~ Brionne Tripp

BSA’s main message to the community is the importance of altruism, not only within the Black community, but in general.

We want to remind people that every little action does make an impact, and that it is important to help others who may not be in the best of situations because we would honestly want the same if we were under the same conditions. ~ Brionne Tripp

If you would like to learn more about helping children such as Asaya through bone marrow donation, visit Be the Match.