Programs & Services


Black Student Achievement focuses on establishing and nurturing relationships with the Georgia State University community and developing relationships within the Atlanta community at large.

Black Student Achievement promotes success through a focus on organizational development, student involvement and student leadership. Students are engaged in a variety of workshops, cultural dialogues and programs designed to expand their thinking and increase their knowledge about the factors that are impacting their development. To learn more about the leadership development initiatives in Black Student Achievement, please refer to Leadership Programs.

Additionally, Black Student Achievement helps to retain and connect African American students, faculty and staff through programs such as:

  • Black Student Achievement Open House: A space dedicated to welcoming students, faculty and staff back to campus while familiarizing them with the office’s many services.
  • Black History Month Celebration: A collaborative effort designed to engage student organizations, departments and individuals in remembering and celebrating the many accomplishments of the black diaspora.
  • Forums and Receptions: Activities that reflect and exhibit the splendor of black culture.